The Gules Cedar Challenge

Note from the Webminister: this is a re-post of a page by Senechal Brigida that existed before migrating to WordPress. The original post was made early during the COVID-19 pandemic of 2020.

Like the solitary tree represented in our device, our members are currently left standing distanced from one another due to circumstances far from our control. But as it is upon a river, it stands to be connected, a reminder that there are still ways that we are capable of remaining engaged with one another and connected to our hobby to some degree if we so choose to be.

For those who wish to remain engaged during this challenging time, I am instituting a challenge for all members of the canton to track your engagement. There will be multiple categories to earn points, and each category will help to serve as a reminder of activities that we all enjoy in the society, as well as reminders for simple social things we can do to maintain connection with the friends we have in this kingdom and others.

This challenge will continue as long as the SCA is on hiatus, and I hope to recognize those who participate at the end in some fashion. Let me know if you have any thoughts on ideas as to how we should recognize people who participate.

In addition to the regular weekly points there will also be occasional special bonus challenges to earn extra points. These will come out no less than monthly to help boost scores and will add to the fun.

I hope this gives some fun during this challenging time for everyone. Thanks for reading. Watch for the scorecard to see categories.

To participate, download your scorecard here and report your points by Friday at midnight. E-mail them to [email protected].

Brigida Alderotti

Once per Week, Earn Points:

  • Post to the Canton Group that you are Participating (2pts): Tell your friends and encourage others to join in on the fun. Get everyone you can to participate.
  • Check in on a Canton Member (5pts): We are all friends here, check in on someone, maybe someone you haven’t seen posting in a while and make sure they are okay and that they are handling the social distancing well.
  • Spend 30 Minutes Minimum doing A&S (15pts): Spend at least half an hour working on arts and sciences projects. This includes doing research, working on an ongoing project, tinkering with a project or maintaining your equipment. Whatever you do, be sure to make a note of it and comment on it when you report these points so our A&S officer can report your good deeds.
  • Spend 30 Minutes Minimum doing Combat Training (15pts): Solo drills are great! The weather is getting warmer and we will be able to be outside, even if its alone. Get out that pell and beat it up!
  • Go Outside (5 pts): No. Seriously. I don’t care what you do. Enjoy the sun.
  • Post a Picture to the Canton Group (10pts): Show us your smiling face and what you are up to. We miss you.
  • Report your Points by Midnight Every Friday (5pts): Timeliness makes things easier to see what you are up to.
  • Suggest a Bonus Challenge (2pts): Don’t make me be the only creative one here, help me out! Send me your ideas for how you want to earn bonus points.
  • Spend 30 Minutes Minimum Serving the SCA or Your Community (15pts): Look, right now is a stressful time for a lot of us, it’s scary and we have really needed to come together in a lot of ways. Don’t discount the help you are doing for a challenge like this. If you are an essential employee, or volunteering, or giving blood, or working to support essential staff, or still doing your SCA officer position, count that for this.

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