With groups all over the world, the SCA can feel overwhelming to a newcomer. These resources will help you get aquainted with the society as a whole, and connect better with the local group. Explore things at your own pace and see what there is to discover, but never hesitate to reach out and ask questions.

Society for Creative Anachronism

Started more than 50 years ago, the Society has been a collection of people from all walks of life interested in all aspects of historical study. This site will give you a brief glimpse of all of the different activities one might run across at a typical event.

The Middle Kingdom

The Middle Kingdom is the third oldest kingdom in The Society for Creative Anachronism (SCA). Our great kingdom encompasses Indiana, Illinois, Ohio, the Lower Peninsula of Michigan, and parts of Kentucky and Iowa. The SCA is structured into Larger regions called Kingdoms, sub-regions, Branches called Baronies, and then Chapters called Cantons or Shires. The Middle Kingdom is our over all Regional area that we are in. This website is a huge trove of information and a ton to explore.

The Barony of Northwoods

The Barony of Northwoods includes portions of Ingham, Eaton, Clinton, Gratiot, Shiawassee, Livingston, Oakland, and Macomb Counties. This is the Barony that our canton resides within and has some resources showing the other groups closest to us in the area.

Canton of Ealdnordwuda Facebook Group

Facebook has become a great way to stay connected with branches in the SCA. Feel free to check out the group and join in the conversation to ask any questions and follow for weekly announcements about upcoming events and gatherings.

Mail List

Not a fan of Facebook? Not a problem! Once a week we send a weekly digest of whats going on in the canton out on our mailing list to keep people up to date and appraised on when our meetings out and what is going on at our meetings. Of course, the best way to know whats going on is to be there, but our mailer will keep you in the loop.

Official Midrealm Calendar

A revolving calendar for the regional group listing all of the events throughout the year held by all of the branches.

Awards and Titles

One of the things you see quickly at an event are all the unique titles and badges people are recognized with. These awards are given as recognition for hard work and specialization in our hobby and members take great pride in them. This link will provide details on many of the different ways we recognize our members.

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