Pentamere Academy of Defense XII

February 24th 2018

228 N Burkhart Rd,
Howell, MI 48843

Event starts at 9 a.m. and site closes at 9 p.m.

$10 for members, $15 for non-members.
A further $5 discount if you bring a dish to pass at the potluck.
Please label your dish and indicate major allergens

Lunch tavern will be available.

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The Lobby will be availble for discussions, breaks, lunch seating, crafting, and as an area for those not fighting to retreat.

PAOD XII Gym Classroom A Classroom B
9 a.m. Inspections and Sign In (Pickups & Authorizations)
10 a.m. Early Bird Tournament Rapier Armor for Beginners
Lydia de Bequerel
Kata's House of Horrors
Warder Kata
11 a.m. Novice Advantage Tournament The Fit Combatant
Helena Falkenstein
Baratero Dagger
12 p.m. Lunch Break (Pickups & Authorizations)
1 p.m. Boast for the Moast Tournament Footwork Fundamentals
Warder Lleng Craidd
Intro to Bolognese
Morganus Eternus
2 p.m. First Blood Elimination Tournament Bladework Fundamentals
Warder Lucien
I.33: Fencing in the 14th Century
Warder Philipp
3 p.m. In Service to Her Highness Tournament Tempo & Measure Fundamentals
Morganus Eternus
Introduction to Silver's Dagger
Deorsa MacGhillechearr
4 p.m. Questions Tournament Cloak Fundamentals
William of Cynnabar
Blade Feeling, 'Tacto'
Alonso de la Mano Negra & Diego Ramas
5 p.m. Her Royal Highness' Court (Gym)
Potluck Feast following Court (Gym)
Rapier Rooundtable following Feast (Gym)
6 p.m.
7 p.m. Warder/MoD One on One
8 p.m. Valhalla Circle of Death Tournament
9 p.m. Site Closes/Cleanup
10 p.m. Site Clear

10:00 to 11:00
Early Bird Tournament (Gym)
Bear pit format. One point for each win, and one point for each time entering the list. Participants who are signed up for the tournament by 10 am will receive a bonus Event Point.
Rapier Armor for Beginners by Lydia de Bequerel (Classroom A)
In this class the instructor will discuss the types of armor, what type of armor goes where, examples of what kinds of materials can be used for each type of armor, and which areas of the body tend to be "tricky" to armor and how to armor them to current standard and maximum safety and comfort.
Kata’s House of Horrors by Warder Kata Aragunnrsdottir (Classroom B)
A rapier inspection class featuring failed armor and weapons. The class will earn MITs an inspection signature.

11:00 to 12:00
Novice Advantage Tournament (Gym)
The disadvantage of being an experienced fighter, is that many will know your favored style. This tournament allows less experienced fighters to exploit that. Combatants will challenge each other in a round robin format. The fighter with less titles or experience will determine the combat style for the bout from the standard authorized styles. Best 2 out of 3.
The Fit Combatant by Lady Helena Falkenstein (Classroom A)
Examine and discuss proper hydration and nourishment during combat along with stretching and injury prevention. The class will also include tips on injury recovery and prevention of reinjury.
Baratero Dagger by Jordan Paris (Classroom B)
An examination of gypsy, commoner and ruffian dagger and hand to hand combat in Spain.

1:00 to 2:00
Boast for the Moast Tournament (Gym)
Fighters will be paired off in twos. Each fighter will take turns being the boaster or the fighter. The boaster from either side will step forward and brag up their partner to their opponent, and challenge one another to determine the way their fighter must kill the other (i.e. by a head shot, or taking a limb first). Fighters will then fight out the bout with the conditions set by their boasting partner. A word of caution for boasters however, if they choose something too complicated, their partner may do the same to them.
Footwork Fundamentals by Warder Lleng Craidd (Classroom A)
Footwork is presented as an aspect of rapier fighting, which, along with blade-work and tempo & measure comprise 3 major sets of skills which a rapier fighter needs to have a grasp/understanding of, and ability to use, while fighting in order for victory to be a possibility. For this class series Footwork is considered to be all lower body movement that occurs for both offensive and defensive reasons. Concepts of ‘on-guard’ as it relates to lower body positioning will also be addressed.
Intro to Bolognese by Morganus Eternus (Classroom B)
Beginning to learn Bolognese sidesword can be a daunting task; while there are ample resources, both in period treatises and online manuals, it is often unclear how best to approach these resources. Further, often the terminology used is entirely in Italian, so drillwork requires mastery of the terms used in the system, over and beyond the ability to perform the guards and stances. This will be a quick course on the various guards and strikes in the Bolognese tradition of sidesword, as well as a very small intro to the theory undergirding the system. The class will be taught with an emphasis on terminology: the goal is to prepare the student to use other available resources. Finally, I will provide a list of free resources for learning Bolognese. Bolognese is a cut and thrust system, and this classes teaches it as such. However, no prior knowledge of cut and thrust is necessary.

2:00 to 3:00
First Blood Elimination Tournament (Gym)
Blades are a dangerous thing to handle, and a single well placed cut or thrust could radically alter a noble’s path in life. This tournament’s fights stop at the first injury. The victor of the tournament will be the one left unscathed at the end of the tournament. Pairings will be made by bracket and double injuries will result in a loss for both.
Bladework Fundamentals by Warder Lucien Featherstone (Classroom A)
This class will build on the other fundamentals classes, with the focus being on bladework. This will include examining the principle of leverage due to blade angle and edge alignment, efficiency of movements and blade interaction. Examination of the parts of a thrust or cut will be examined and will be tied back to general philosophical premises of fighting. Stance as it relates to the upper body will also be discussed.
I.33: Fencing in the 14th Century by Warder Philipp Reimer von Wolfenbuttel (Classroom B)
This class will cover the fundamentals of sword and buckler fencing in the style of the Ms. I.33 or the "Walpurgis Fechtbuch." Written c. 1310, I.33 is the oldest extant codified fencing manual and provides a number of fascinating insights about the use of arming swords in unarmored civilian combat. Bring a sword (preferably 32" or shorter with a minimal guard) and a buckler (about 15") if you have them. Some loaner gear will be provided. Skill level: any.

3:00 to 4:00
In service to her Highness Tournament (Gym)
As Midrealm fighters loyal to the crown, and in honor of our royal heiress, a tournament will be fought in her chosen style to showcase Pentamere's skills with her favored style. The format will be round robin, best 2 out of 3 passes.
Tempo and Measure Fundamentals by Lord Morganus Draconus & Lady Angharad Morganus (Classroom A)
This class will examine two of the theoretical underpinnings of fencing, tempo and measure. Terminology and examples will be taken primarily from Italian Rapier fencing, particularly Capo Ferro, but the principles discussed will function across disciplines, and applications will be discussed in sidesword and longsword fencing as well. The class will take primarily the form of lecture and demonstration, but time will be allotted for students to work with the relevant theory. This class will work from the ground up, and is ideal for novices, or intermediate fencers looking to move their fencing game into either a historical or more theoretically grounded direction.
Introduction to Silver’s Dagger by Deorsa MacGhillechearr (Classroom B)
We will be looking at Silver's concept of dagger fighting and what makes it different from other period manuals. There will be time for applying some of the concepts so bring a pair of gloves. I will supply training daggers.

4:00 to 5:00
Questions Tournament (Gym)
Would you like to fight in a tournament? Do you enjoy improvisation? How many questions can you come up with for a point? What if those questions let you choose the combat style? Will you join us for some silly fun before court? Want to know the format? Will you show up and ask?
Cloak Fundamentals by William of Cynnabar (Classroom A)
An introduction to the usage of everyone’s least than favorite style, that will hopefully shift that perspective.
Blade Feeling, 'Tacto' by Lord Alonso de la Mano Negro & Lord Diego Ramas (Classroom B)
In this class students will learn to apply techniques of Atajo, disengages with degrees of force to help formulate a decision tree using Tacto, or blade feeling.

5:00 to 7:00
Court (Gym) Her Royal Higness will hold court before feast.
Potluck Feast (Gym) Join your friends for spirited discussion over excellent food and relax before the final tournaments.
Rapier Roundtable following Feast (Gym)

7:00 to 8:00
Warder/MoD One on One (Gym)
Warders and Masters of Defense will hold the list and fight with you briefly to help hone your skills. Need to work on a specific skill or just need general advice? This is a great opportunity.

8:00 to 9:00
Valhalla Circle of Death Tourney (Gym)
A PAoD Tradition. Fight in this free for all circle until only one person remains. A great way to end an eventful day, with a challenge, laughter and fun. This tournament may have multiple rounds depending on time available.